Harvey Disaster Relief is the recovery initiative of Citymark Church in response to the recent catastrophic storms and flooding that the greater Houston area experienced. We believe especially in times like these, the church must rise up and bring light and hope to our city! In the midst of the heartbreak and devastation, we can show God’s love and generosity to the people around us.

Our hearts are with each of you and your families during this difficult time. We are praying for everyone in our church, our city and for all of those affected by the devastating flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. We love you and we love this city. And we want to help.

In every natural disaster, there are typically three phases of response: RESCUE, RELIEF & RECOVERY. We are currently transitioning between the Relief and the Recovery stages.


Getting people to safety and reunited with family.


Providing essential supplies and food.


Cleaning, remediating mold, and helping people rebuild their lives.



Prayer isn’t our last resort. It’s our first response. We pray because we can’t do this on our own. It’s God’s strength that we need. It’s His love that we share. Pray daily for our city!

Please click the button below and tell us how we can pray for you.


One of the biggest ways you can help is by donating to our Hurricane Harvey relief fund. 100% of your donation will assist hurting and desperate families with immediate flood relief & recovery needs! Your gift is urgently needed.

Please click the link below to give to Hurricane Harvey Relief.


This takes all of us! We have created multiple ways for you to volunteer in the months to come. Join hundreds of others and make your mark by providing relief and recovery one home at a time.

Click the link below.


If you, someone you know from Citymark Church, or a personal friend/neighbor/coworker has experienced significant damage to their home, we want to help where we can. Click “Receive Help” and let us know the need and extent of damage.